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What do you see when you picture the future?

We see certainty & stability,
Because we create it for our investors.
Technology + Strategy Selection:

The Marchese Difference

Marchese Investments ("MI") is a quantitative multi-strategy investment manager. Founded in 2014 by one of Business Insider's most powerful people in finance, MI believes that the path to long term success in the global financial marketplace is paved with cutting edge technology and diversified return sources.

Marchese Investments manages client assets utilizing quantitative strategies grounded in economic theory and robust data.

Our main objective is to achieve superior absolute returns and risk-adjusted alpha across a wide range of market environments with little correlation to the overall stock market & other hedge fund strategies, all the while providing a liquid and scalable investment vehicle to our investors.

Preservation of investor capital is MI's top priority. We stand by this view through our actions by offering a performance fee structure that ties our performance fee percentage to our return's Sharpe Ratio. This ensures that Marchese Investments’ incentives are aligned with investors; we get paid for taking smart risk, not absolute.
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